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  • About Bike-room
  • It is more convenient online
  • We are not a Marketplace
  • Ride Certified, Ride Authentic
  • A “Fit for you” Bike-Expert

About Bike-room

Bike-room is the online platform where it is easy, innovative and safe to buy and sell a high-end certified bicycle. We trade well-loved and authentic team-owned bikes, but also the hottest two-wheels of the most popular brands.

Our mission is to provide access to the world’s most desired bikes in the smartest way.

It is more convenient online

We offer a customer-friendly online shopping experience, providing hundreds of different models of the best brands worldwide.

Each product is inspected and serviced by professional mechanics to ensure it is ready to ride the moment it pops out of the box.

We are not a Marketplace

Trading a second-hand bike can be stressful… taking photos, writing catchy descriptions, and dealing with rogue buyers or sellers is no fun. That’s why we handle the entire process to make sure you can lay back and enjoy a stress-free sale.

Ride Certified, Ride Authentic

Our bike experts inspect all items personally. They test and make sure every bike you see is 100% authentic. Through our certification program, we aim to give life to and preserve every bicycle’s strong emotional value.

The care and time we invest into each piece is the guarantee that the next owner will receive a superior product.

A “Fit for you” Bike-Expert

Choose the bike that's right for you and we'll take care of the rest. Our Customer Service Team is always available to help you before, during and after your purchase.


We want to extend the life cycle and preserve the strong emotional value of each high-end bicycle, giving everybody the chance to leave their passion, experiencing a dream bike.

"Love your bike, at second sight."

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