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Grow in an expanding industry

Working in a high-end bicycle marketplace offers the opportunity to grow professionally in a fast-growing industry. You will have the opportunity to work directly with top brands in the industry, opening doors to new professional opportunities.

Challenges and continuous learning

The cycling industry is characterized by continuous innovation and change. In this dynamic environment, you will face exciting challenges and have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies.

Involvement in an ambitious project

You will be part of an ambitious group of people with the clear goal of becoming the world benchmark for cycling. You will have the opportunity to actively contribute to this project, learning from unique experiences and growing professionally alongside the founders and the team.

The Bikeroom way

Committed to integrity

At our core, integrity guides our actions. We uphold truth, authenticity, and transparency, not just as principles, but as practices. Doing the right thing is our standard, and we strive to do it with excellence every time.

Advocates for our customers

Our mission is to tune into our customers' needs continuously. By actively listening and learning, we aim to deliver an unparalleled experience that resonates with every customer, every time.

United in excellence

Join a team where diversity, passion, and vision converge. United by our shared goals, we cherish our journey together – celebrating wins, learning from challenges, and having fun along the way. Together, we play to win.

Driven by innovation

In our quest for progress, we embrace learning, growth, and innovation. Challenging the status quo, we encourage each other to venture beyond comfort zones, recognizing that mistakes are stepping stones to greatness.

Cultivating a lasting legacy

Join us in building something monumental. Our focus: better products, a better workplace, and a better world. We’re committed to continual improvement, game-changing strategies, and leaving an indelible impact that endures.

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