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Bike-room Trade-Up Program

Bike-room Trade-Up Program

“I have a customer who is looking to buy a new bike but I have a problem, the customer would like to trade in his old bike but I don’t know how to value it and resell it.”

This is a sentence we often hear from bike shop owners who work with Bike-room. The scenario that has come to light is clear: more and more customers who are motivated to buy a new bike, have an old bike, and do not want to deal with resale. The purchase of a new bike in a retail shop is therefore often compromised by the retailers’ problems in handling used bikes effectively.

What to say to this customer? How can a retailer, who has never handled a trade-in, try to reduce this friction, close the deal and sell a new bike?  Bike-room has created a dedicated trade-in program to help dealers and try to solve this problem: it is called Trade-Up Bike-room.

At Bike-room buying and selling used bikes is the order of the day. We started by refurbishing the authentic Pros’ bikes, now our goal is to provide access to the world’s most dreamed of bikes, in the easiest way possible. 

Every day, a team of experts buy, refurbish and sell second-hand bikes from cyclists all over the world. With our certification program, we want to give new life and preserve the strong emotional value of each second-hand bicycle. 

With the same goal in mind, we created a trade-in program specifically for dealers, called Bike-room Trade Up.

The retail shop benefits from our well-proven certification process, taking advantage of our experience and our ambition to refurbish more and more used bicycles and sell them online. We will purchase the customer’s old bike ourselves, handling the tax receipt process entirely,  thereby letting the shopkeeper off the hook and allowing him to sell a new bike at the list price.

How does the Bike room TradeUP work?

Trade-Up is a real solution for your shop. If a customer wants to trade in his old bike for a new bike in your shop, Bikeroom provides you with a quote and credit in less than 24 hours. The procedure is simple:

Submit bike details.

Our online form is easy to use, just upload a minimum of 2 photos of the bike and some basic details. You can present the trade-in on behalf of your customer using our portal or you can add the form directly on your website allowing your customers to fill in the details of the bike from their own homes and then come directly to your shop with the store credit.

Dedicated quotation in less than 24 hours

One of our bike experts will send you a free quotation in less than 24 hours. This quotation will be drawn up according to the specs of the bike presented: model, year, upgrades and any extras.

Inspect the used bicycle

If your customer accepts our offer, all you have to do is fill in a declaration of ownership form and bring the bike to the shop for a first-level inspection of the frame, and functioning of the gearbox and transmission.

Apply the credit to the price of the new bike

The customer will receive the credit and will be able to apply it on the purchase of the new product in your shop, provided that the bike corresponds to what was sent and has no structural damage.

Ship your old bike to Bike-room.

Now is the time to box up your old bike and send it to Bikeroom, within 5 days after receipt of the goods you will be paid the value established in the trade up. The Trade-Up service for partners will be totally free of charge: Box up the bike, notify us when the bike is ready and Bikeroom will organize the trade up. It’s time to cash in.

Why join our Certification Program?

For most cycling enthusiasts, the bicycle is the third most important purchase after the car and the house (or sometimes before the car… we’ve all been there!) Moreover, bicycle prices are on the rise and some bicycles come to be considered true luxury goods.

Selling a used bike to a customer can be stressful and difficult… taking photos, writing catchy descriptions, and dealing with long and sometimes exhausting negotiations. 

We take care of the whole process to make sure you can buy and sell with complete confidence. 

Consider the automotive industry. Cars are also often a big investment, and even cars are getting more expensive. It has been difficult for years to find a reliable dealer who does not accept used cars as trade-ins. It has become a fundamental part of how the car industry works: second-hand sales support new sales. And even people who originally bought used cars can be converted into new car buyers through trade-ins.

The customer easily unlocks the value of his old bike and gets the new bike of his dreams. You sell a bike and gain a new customer (or cultivate a relationship with an existing customer), and we get a used bike for our inventory that will be refurbished and sold to another rider. Everybody wins!

Contact our Trade-Up Center to join our program with your shop, we will activate it within minutes. 

What our Trade-Up Partners said about us: 

“The trade Bike-room is definitely something we value when it comes to extending the ‘life cycle’ of one of our customers. With this fast solution, a customer can go from the first bike to the second bike, and so on, always relying on us’.

— Federico, NOT ONLY BIKES

“The Bike-room trade-in program quickly became a necessity for our business. Before we joined, we were buying used bikes and trying to sell them on marketplaces. For a couple of staff members, it had become a full-time job, and then we made small margins from these trade-ins.

— Luca, Bike-Academy.

“It works in two directions. Firstly, we have a customer coming in and we know he is coming, and often it is a regular customer. That makes our job easier. The other is that people come in just to have a look, they have to sell their bike first, and being able to talk about how easy it is to sell their bike at the Bike-room is a great way to speed up the sales process and eliminate this problem.

— Sebastiano, Cicli Tartaggia

“It went much better than I thought. The best way to describe the situation is ‘simple’. I didn’t want to have to contract. When we saw how Bike-room works, we really eliminated the bargaining problem. The biggest benefit is the easy transaction. I think the second-hand market is going to support the market for new bikes.

— Massimo, Sardi Cicli.

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