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Wilier Triestina: a collaboration aiming for international expansion

Wilier Triestina: a collaboration aiming for international expansion


Discover the enchanting journey we embarked on as we brought our cameras to Rossano Veneto, offering you an exclusive glimpse into the heart of Italian craftsmanship with one of our esteemed collaborators, Wilier Triestina – a renowned bike manufacturer of global acclaim.

Wilier Line Up: Unveiling the Pinnacle of Italian Craftsmanship, Innovation, and Quality

Enrico Gastaldello, the CEO of Wilier Triestina, expressed the pivotal role of Bikeroom as a strategic ally in elevating the brand’s global standing beyond the confines of the Italian market. Gastaldello emphasized Bikeroom’s significance in not only enhancing the brand’s international presence but also in disseminating the rich narrative of Wilier Triestina across the global stage.



Our expedition to Rossano Veneto was driven by the mission to secure a diverse inventory encompassing pre-owned, km0, Team-owned, and limited-edition bikes. This epitomizes Bikeroom’s central ethos – a commitment to offering cyclists worldwide unparalleled access to distinctive, Made in Italy bicycles at exceptionally competitive prices. By cultivating robust partnerships with premier bicycle brands, we ensure that our customers receive products of uncompromised quality, backed by both Bikeroom and the manufacturers – a dual guarantee for our discerning clientele.

Wilier Triestina, a trailblazer in our collaborative journey, embraced our innovative multichannel approach with wholehearted enthusiasm. This approach empowers retailers not only to showcase their new products online but also to feature used bicycles at prominent fairs, events, and international competitions. The synergy between Bikeroom and Wilier Triestina extends beyond commerce; it’s a shared vision of bringing the essence of Italian cycling excellence to enthusiasts around the world.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the cycling industry, Wilier Triestina stands tall as a beacon of tradition, innovation, and quality. As we delve deeper into this partnership, the union of Bikeroom and Wilier Triestina continues to shape the narrative of Italian cycling, offering a diverse range of meticulously crafted bicycles to riders who seek the extraordinary.


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