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Cinelli: The Art and Design of the Bicycle

Cinelli: The Art and Design of the Bicycle

The history of the bike has been influenced by so many cultural factors – from women’s emancipation to the incredible design innovations –  that it eventually became a manifesto for creative life, a metaphor for computers and objet d’art. One Italian brand is able to combine all these aspects together.

Cino Cinelli 1938

Cino Cinelli started making the bike a better object when he started building framesets back in 1947. He applied his experience in road cycling and gave birth to many innovations we still use nowadays: the aluminum handlebar, the saddle shell in plastic, the pedals belts, and the very first quick-release pedals.

The very first quick-release pedals designed by Cino Cinelli.

The story of this amazing firm doesn’t even stop when, in 1978, it passed over to Antonio Colombo. Colombo was the market leader in steel tubes and had a passion for bikes, so he gave the brand an even brighter and more international perspective.

The Colombo-era is marked by innovations like the controversial Spinaci handlebar, which was prohibited in competitions, and other timeless components such as the Alter stem. Finally, art and design flow into partnerships with great artists, such as Keith Haring, who created the iconic Cinelli Laser.

Thanks to the cooperation with legendary runners such as Felice Gimondi and Gilberto Simoni, stable fellowships with artists and designers like Mike Giant and Benny Gold, and open dialogue with stylist Sir Paul Smith and President Antonio Colombo, Cinelli proves that beauty and technology can combine in simpler design shapes.

It is a true honor for Bike-room to host Cinelli on our platform.

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