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Feel like a Pro. Team bikes are now available, find out how to pre-order them.

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Paying with PayPal on is easy, fast and secure. Use your account and once you will have paid, we’ll immediately receive a payment confirmation from PayPal and we’ll process your order straight away. Remember that paying trough PayPal is free, since will cover transaction costs.

Credit card

Paying with your credit card is easy and secure too(we accept Visa and MasterCard). To transmit your credit card information we use an SSL cryptographic secure module. If you use your credit card we’ll place a hold for the full authorised amount that will be charged after delivery. Make sure that your credit card limit is high enough, otherwise your order won’t be proceeded.

Bank transfer

Once you place your order the items will be put on hold and you’ll receive a preliminary invoice with our bank details on it. On your bank transfer you have to specify your customer code and order number. When we receive the payment, we prepare and ship your order according to our shipment methods.

Bank details:

NAME: Bikeroom S.r.l.

BANK: Intesa San Paolo S.p.a.


IBAN: IT35H0306933521100000009205


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