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How to purchase

  • How to purchase on Bike-room?

How to purchase on Bike-room?

1. Purchasing process

First of all, choose between CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED and NEW bikes.

Don't know your frame size? You can calculate it HERE, or CONTACT US.

After selecting the desired bike, click on "shop now" to add it to your cart.

In case you are looking at a NEW product, please use the "select size" button and then click on "shop now" to proceed.

If you have a discount code or gift card, please enter the digits in the designated field. You can now add other products to your basket, or click on "proceed to checkout" to complete your purchase.

2. Personal Information

If you already have a user account on, please enter your email address and your personal password before logging in.

If you do not have a user account and don’t wish to have one, simply proceed as a guest by entering your email address and the required information. Then, click on 'Proceed to Shipping'.

3. Shipping, Billing, and Payment.

Confirm your shipping address or book an in-store pickup at our deposit in Milan. Make sure you include any relevant delivery information in the "additional notes", i.g. the name on the doorbell of the delivery address, any special requests, etc.

When you’re done, enter your billing information, choose your preferred payment method, and select “Proceed to Payment”.

Now, you will be displayed the details summary. Remember to check that they are all correct, as once the order is confirmed you will no longer be able to change them.

You will then receive your order confirmation at the email address you provided. Please make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t receive any.

It’s not possible to add a product after you place your order. Should you wish to purchase additional items, please open another transaction. It also won’t be possible to modify your shipping address or payment method. Please contact our Customer Care support if you need assistance.

4. Delivery

Once the package is dispatched, you will receive your tracking number at the email address you provided upon placing your order.

As noted on the product sheet, delivery times can vary. Products in "Prompt Delivery" are consigned within 7 days upon receiving order confirmation. The delivery times of some new products also vary from 15 to 180 working days, depending on the availability of our suppliers.


We want to extend the life cycle and preserve the strong emotional value of each high-end bicycle, giving everybody the chance to leave their passion, experiencing a dream bike.

"Love your bike, at second sight."

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