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Bike-room size guide

Find the right bike size for you!

The choice of right size can affect the comfort and performance of your next bike.

So, choosing the correct frame size is not always a simple process. With the bike-room size calculator, you can estimate the bike size of your next bike in the blink of an eye.

Just input your height and inseam in the configurator below, and we will recommend some bike frame sizes for you*

*Also, we've prepared a bike size chart, where you can find suggestions for your road bike and mountain bike frame sizes.

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  • General S
  • Road 54
  • MTB 17"
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  • What is the Bike Size

    The Basics

    With the Bike-room size calculator, we'd like to give you an idea of which sizes of bike frames you should look at. But first, we need to start with a general disclaimer - you should treat this tool as a guideline only. There are many different bike brands and models, so frames and general dimensions may vary a lot between them. Some manufacturers indicate the size of the bike in alphabetical code, following the same system as clothing sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXXL. But most use a numerical system. Also, every cyclist is built slightly differently and may have particular needs and preferences.

    You may also have noted that the recommended bike frame size varies depending on your chosen discipline. This is partly due to the way frames are designed, but mainly due to the different needs and priorities in each discipline. If your position on the bike changes, your frame size will also change.

    On road bikes it is easy to find the size of both the seat tube and the top tube center-center, as they are often the same length. If they are different, e.g. 52×53, the first number indicates the length of the top tube and the second number the length of the seat tube.

    On mountain bikes everything is basically expressed in inches and refers to the height of the seat tube (center to end). This is because mountain bike frames use sloping technology, with the top tube continuing at a noticeable angle towards the seat tube. The sloping technology increases the stiffness of the frame but makes it practically impossible to measure the top tube in the classic way. The classic length value, called virtual top tube, is however indicated by the manufacturers.

    • Generic Centimeters Inches
    • XS 47-49 14"-15"
    • S 49-53 15"-17"
    • M 53-57 17"-19"
    • L 57-61 19"-21"
    • XL +61 +22"
  • How to choose the right bike size

    Measure your inseam!

    As we have seen, there are several ways to determine the size of the bike, the safest being based on the height of the inseam. Our bike size calculator determines bike frame sizes based on your inseam measurement.

    To find out your recommended bike size, you first need to measure your inseam - that is your inside leg measurement. Simply speaking, the inseam length is the distance from the floor to your crotch. So, how to measure inseam properly?

    1. Take a measuring tape and a small, rigid support, for example a hardcover book.
    2. Barefoot, place your back and heels close to the wall, your feet should be 15-20 cm (6-8") apart.
    3. Place a large, hardcover book between your legs - it will simulate the saddle.
    4. Get a second person to measure from the top-of-the book to the floor (cm) this is your inseam length

    • Inseam length Road bike size MTB size
    • 70 cm 46 15"
    • 71 cm 46 15"
    • 72 cm 47 15"
    • 73 cm 47 15"
    • 74 cm 48 16"
    • 75 cm 49 16"
    • 76 cm 49 16"
    • 77 cm 50 16"
    • 78 cm 51 16"
    • 79 cm 51 17"
    • 80 cm 52 17"
    • 81 cm 53 17"
    • 82 cm 53 17"
    • 83 cm 54 17"
    • 84 cm 55 18"
    • 85 cm 55 18"
    • 86 cm 56 18"
    • 87 cm 57 18"
    • 88 cm 57 18"
    • 89 cm 58 19"
    • 90 cm 59 19"
    • 91 cm 59 19"
    • 92 cm 60 19"
    • 93 cm 60 20"
    • 94 cm 61 20"
    • 95 cm 62 20"
    • 96 cm 62 20"
    • 97 cm 63 20"
  • How to choose the right bike size


    Some formulas or charts only use the cyclist's height, but this gives a less accurate estimate - you may have short, long or 'average' legs length. As there are many different calculators, this bike size calculator will not only show you a one number but other frame sizes that may fit.

    Sometimes the result of the size calculation can be between two sizes. In these cases, there are two criteria for choosing the correct size. Biomechanical criteria: measure your wingspan (the length from the tip of one hand to the other with your arms stretched out in a cross). If the result is greater than your height, choose a larger size. If your wingspan is smaller than your height, choose the smaller size. Type of use criteria: If the calculated value is between two sizes, choose the smaller size if you intend to use the bike more for racing and competition use. Choose the larger size if you use the bike for routes where comfort is more important than speed.

    “With our size finder, we will provide you with a result on the bike size suitable for most people based on some basic data. For an exact fit we always recommend a biomechanical analysis”.


We want to extend the life cycle and preserve the strong emotional value of each high-end bicycle, giving everybody the chance to leave their passion, experiencing a dream bike.

"Love your bike, at second sight."

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