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Peter Fill

Ex Pro


Date of birth
12 november 1982
Home town
Bressanone, BZ

Originally from Castelrotto and registered for the Carabinieri Sports Center, the multipurpose Fill was the first blue athlete to gain the head of the general classification of the World Cup since Alberto Tomba. After middle school, he started working as a coachman and attending a vocational school, a job he left to devote himself professionally to alpine skiing; his skimen were first Sepp Kuppelwieser, former trainer of Norwegian Kjetil champion André Aamodt, then Ernst Habersatter. As a hobby, he also practiced amateur football in the role of defender: in 2007 he challenged in a friendly, with the ac Sciliar shirt, Fiorentina retiring to Castelrotto.

About Peter Fill

  • Do you remember the first time on a bike, and how long has it been?

    Yes I get rich very well he was in front of my house. The first few times I had enough difficulty finding balance, but after two hours then I understood the techniques and after that no one stopped me!

  • Remember your first racing bike?

    She was a pink white DeRosa IDOL. I've always used DeRosa and had the chance to try so many different moldelli. I currently use the King with which I have a great time.

  • What was the job you dreamed of as a child?

    I wanted to be a skier!!

  • What do your friends say/like/hate about you?

    I don't know! But they have to accept me the way I am.

  • Do you have a secret passion?

    My passion and sport, especially sports in the mountains.

  • What is your favorite cyclist of all time?

    I don't have a favorite cyclist. But I like riding bikes. It was part of my training when I was an athlete and now I practice it to keep fit.

  • What's your favorite place to ride?

    At my house on the Alpe di Siusi, where I know all the climbs and descents. I like to shoot in the middle of my mountains at home.

  • What was your most beautiful victory?

    Definitely the descent to Kitzbühel, where I won in 2016. The most important and difficult race on the white circuit.

  • What was your strongest teammate ever?

    I've done 18 years in the World Cup and I've had a lot of strong teammates. But the strongest were Kristian Ghedina at the beginning and then Dominik Paris.

  • You get recognized on the street, and the kids ask you for an autograph?

    It depends a little bit where I am but every time someone stops me for a picture. It's still nice, not least because it means you've done something important in your sport.

  • Brand
    De Rosa
  • Name
    Idol - Shimano Ultegra Di2 - 2021
  • Price
    5,636.40 6,710.00
  • Description
    Idol - Shimano Ultegra Di2 - 2021 is a road bike produced by De Rosa. The model year is 2021. The bike has Disc brakes with Shimano groupset and . You can compare the data regarding this bike with that of other bikes from De Rosa or from other manufaturers.
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